10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy

10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy

10 iOttie Easy Flex Wireless (http://www.iottie.com/)
9 SpareOne Plus (http://www.spareone.com/)
8 go far (https://shop.trycelery.com/page/gofar)
7 Jabra Bluetooth Car Kit (http://www.jabra.in)
6 ZipGripGo (http://www.zipgripgo.com/)
5 MotorMood (http://motormood.com/)
4 Exploride Hud (http://get.exploride.com/)
3 MiFold (http://www.mifold.com/)
2 Radmo (http://www.radmo.co/)
1 Smart Wheel ( http://smartwheelusa.com/)

10 Car Gadgets You Should Buy ▶2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSgafaj9Fl4

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Comment (26)

  1. #1 Who drives with both hands constantly on the steering wheel, and if you drive a manual in the city when you have to hold the shifter most of the time it keeps warning you?

  2. The last one what if our turning are you suppose to keep hands on or what it's gonna beep when u turn and when you get cut off they are in front of your not behind you

  3. No 1…smart wheel..designed by 'invensioneers'!!! Is that even a world?? If the smart wheel is their best invension,they are SHIT…they will be working in a supermarket,stacking shelfs…Utter bollocks…

  4. Most of those items like sweetspot and Jabra and all comes by default nowadays. Unless you purchase a vehicle from 2000-2012 or something from Pittsburgh PA, don't waste money on those. Plus if I saw someone overtook me and gave me a smiley, if ram the shit outta that car throwing off the street without thinking about my insurance. Changing lane is already am aggressive moment.

  5. I would only use this for letting people know there are children in the car for those "thanks" lights. There should be more important meaning beyond a thanks that people won't even know wth you're saying. Put more thought into your product.


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