10 Creative Recipes Using Just a Potato (Part 1)

Back in action, moving on from getting creative with eggs, time to get trippy tastic deliciousness with potatoes, everyone’s favorite poor mans food.

Prepare to have those minds blown, twice…

0:56 – The Deviled Potato
2:43 – Twice Bake Potato
4:06 – Mcdonalds Style Hash-Brown
5:23 – “Single Fry Double Fry” French Fry
7:41 – Smash Potatoes

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Comment (44)

  1. I don't understand why people on YouTube only say "throw it in the oven" is there something saying you can't say the temperature or for how long? And if you're supposed to preheat it? It's the main reason I don't try things.

  2. i would totally invest in this channel if i wasnt broke. so it is in your best interest that i become successful, believe me i have potential and a little motivation goes along way . i dont know how i even. ..or why.i am selfish.
    point is i really like this channel but dont have the words to express just how much i like it . please make more videos of easy meals , thank you ^^

  3. Don't get me wrong, there are some great ideas here. I especially like the deviled potato thing. But I'm quite strict when it comes to my diet and have to say that, unfortunately, there's so much oil involved in almost every single one of these meals that you can't call that healthy in any way.

  4. I love you guys!! I know youll be very successful. enjoy the ride and I believe if you do some vegan/organic vids n book youll widen your fan base a lot. I wish you both the best and I wouldn't be surprised to see you get a cooking show on tv. keep growing and never forget your first fans and the cheap fast easy artistic dishes! much love n blessings. I see stars when I look at you two!


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