10 Most Crazy Gadgets Invention on Amazon Under $25

10 Most Crazy Gadgets Invention on Amazon Under $25.

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Gadgets Invention on Amazon Links:

10. C-Pump : http://a.co/ahKyyIN

9. Garbage Can Fly Trap : http://a.co/8qw4atu

8. Wall Mount Grocery Bag : http://a.co/dhTS5Zh

7. Tile Mate : http://a.co/00uTtFn

6. TP-Link Smart Plug : http://a.co/i4OI6nj

5. PLAYBULB : http://a.co/9duvTfm

4. Misfit Wearable : http://a.co/7Ol7y7n

3. Tri Scale : http://a.co/fHC6OOG

2. Sesame Smart Lock : http://a.co/eYknHgk

1. Go Girl : http://a.co/ij88GJx

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Comment (22)

  1. you are telling me that black guys bike was stolen …. i think someone used this device to get it back frop that balck guy

  2. wait so tile mate relies on other people haveing it to locate stuff, would be better if it can locate things stolen regardless

  3. I may have missed some, but when we got to the TP-link Smart Plug, I noticed it was $29!!! So how come the title of this video is ….Under $25?????

  4. Smartlock! Now people can unlock your front door from the comfort of their own house! Now with an extra cosmetic feature, that shows all the bypassers that YOU have a smartlock.

    Buy your smartlock today, get hacked, and get YOUR precious things stolen!

  5. that playbulb will be good in restaurant as a symbol to a reserved table or unreserved or the ordered had come or what else

  6. Some useless ass shit. Either completely useless, can be easily replaced by something free or cheaper, or something that looks cool, youll use it once and then never touch it again til you find it again, maybe try it again, but then end up tossing it out

  7. This peed funnel is just a rip of of the Go-Girl which has been around for years and last i
    knew you could get at Walmart for $10 in the camping section.


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