10 Most Influential TV Shows Of All Time

Top 10 Television series that influenced some of the most popular and award winning shows we have today.
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Television has been evolving ever since Americans first welcomed TVs into their living room. Today there’s more money to be made on the small screen than ever before. Whether it’s on HBO, Netflix or any other platform, there’s something out there for everyone, no matter what their taste.

Nailing down which shows have been most influential in television’s development is pretty tough; there’s so much TV to choose from that we could write multiple top tens and they’d all be unique. But we’re always up for a challenge, so here are our picks for the ten most influential TV shows of all time.

The Wire | 0:40
Law & Order | 1:13
Lost | 1:37
Star Trek: The Next Generation | 2:15
The X-Files | 2:49
Seinfeld | 3:19
Saturday Night Live | 3:52
The Simpsons | 4:12
I Love Lucy | 4:45
The Sopranos | 5:25

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