12 Things You Do Wrong With Your Gadgets Every Day

How to Get the Most out of Your Gadgets. You can’t imagine your life without gadgets and you must think you know everything about them. However, there are some common mistakes we all make everyday using gadgets. Find out how to avoid them in this video. You’ll learn why it’s dangerous to keep your laptop on your lap and your phone in or next to your bed while you’re sleeping, how to charge your phone properly, why it’s worth disinfecting your phone and how to do it and why you shouldn’t stack laptops on top of each other.

Jailbreaking your smartphone 0:48
Saving a soaked phone using rice 1:23
Sleeping with your phone 2:04
Picking up your laptop 3:21
Sitting with your laptop 3:57
Stacking laptops or hard drives on top of each other 4:36
Failing to update software or apps 5:21
Charging your iPhone 6:05
Not disinfecting your cell phone 6:35
Freezing batteries 7:30
Not backing up your devices 7:57
Using keyboard feet 8:35


-Jailbreaking your phone leads to security hacks, not receiving automatic software updates, and a void on your warranty. What’s worse, you risk breaking your phone completely if you don’t know how what you’re doing.
-Rice won’t rescue your phone. All you have to do is to take out all the inner parts and leave them out to dry.
-The batteries can easily overheat and melt by your bed. In some cases, they even explode. Your phone also messes up your internal clock, making it more difficult for your body to go into sleep-mode.
-When a laptop is shut, it should be picked up by the front or rear. Otherwise, use both hands to pick it up on each side.
-Keeping your laptop on your lap while you’re using it can be really bad for your health, especially for the fellas.
-Stacking laptops on top of each other can damage their screens due to the weight. And if you’re stacking hard drives for storage, you also risk scratching and damaging them.
-Every update contains bug fixes, additional features, and security updates that are necessary to keep your device in tip-top shape. Set an update schedule on the weekends so that you don’t get bothered with this annoying message right in the middle of doing something important on your computer.
-Apple strictly advises their users to remove the case before plugging their phone into the charger. And if your phone is taking forever to charge, try putting it on airplane mode.
-Cell phones carry 10 times more bacteria than most toilet seats. To clean it right so that you don’t damage your device, dip the corner of a soft microfiber cloth into an alcohol-water solution, and wipe your phone down, both the screen and the backside.
-Extreme temperature can corrode the seal and damage the battery.
-There are tons of programs and cloud services out there (some of which are totally free!) that can easily back up your device with just a few clicks.
-Keyboard feet strains your wrists. The best and safest way to type is with a flat-lying keyboard.

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  1. Phones don't cause cancer. That So called radiation is pretty much harmless.

    White light doesn't harm your eyes. At least not the level of brightness of what put devices produce

  2. Previously, in one of your videos, you said that it is necessary to put the cell phone that is wet in rice, but here something else, which one should we believe?!

  3. This video is so appalling on so many levels.. the only really useful tip was the keyboard one. The rest was useless. Jailbreaking an iphone? If you feel the need to jailbreak your iPhone your should probably opt for another smartphone device. Software updates on windows 10? They will happen automatically whether you want them to or not. Sanitizing your phone as well as keyboard goes without saying.

  4. You talked about charging iPhone, but what about Android phone? Some Android phones offer quick charges. So, change #5 to say charge smartphone. You can't assume everyone uses Apple

  5. People Don't Charge The Phone When Updating Them, Wich Can Be Bad Because If The Phone Is Turned Off, You Lose Everything And You Have No Software!

  6. i back up my data each time the backup reminder appears

  7. Some people don't even care for electronics. They're pathetic but that's just my opinion.


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