15 Best Fidget Gadgets for Restless Fingers

From fidget spinners; to zen gardens, these are the 15 BEST Fidget Gadgets for Restless Fingers !

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6. BlackBerry KEYone
Today’s technology is becoming more sleek, more minimalistic, more smooth every day. Looking at your phone, you might see one button near the bottom or physical volume keys–but that’s probably it. For fidgeters, the smooth touchscreens just aren’t as satisfying as an old-fashioned clicking keyboard. Blackberry took that into consideration with their newest mode, the KEYone. It combines the best of both worlds with a large touchscreen, but a tactile keyboard you can happily click away on text after text. Each button is clicky enough to make a sound, which is precisely what fidgeters are looking for. Maybe it’s old-fashioned, but those of us who like the tactile experience of clicking keys mourn the loss of real keyboards. Luckily, Blackberry, and a few other companies are bringing it back.

5. Spinerds
Another Kickstarter campaign that’s gaining momentum is the Spinerds desk toy. Essentially, Spinerds are two titanium balls that are welded together. On the base you’ll receive with your purchase, you can spin the balls at up to 12,000 RPM. The beginner’s base is made of sleek wood or bamboo, making it a decoration piece as well. Spinerds themselves are coated in a shiny, PVD coating that reflects light in a stunning way, so you can create a tantalizing light show, too. You can spin them over and over again without having to worry about the coating wearing down, making them the ultimate spinning fidget tool.

4. Nintendo Joy-Con Controller
With all of the popular fidget toys going around, it’s not surprising that some companies would pick up on the trend in their products. Nintendo is one such company. Their newest release, the Nintendo Switch, comes with controllers you can pop in and out of the device itself. The controllers then become the perfect fidgeting wands. They’re loaded with buttons and take a little while to learn to use easily. The clicky buttons, smooth joysticks, and bumper controls are ideal for those of us looking for a satisfying tactile experience when we play our favorite games. Even snapping them on and off of the Switch itself is a fidgeter’s dream because they audibly click in place each time.

3. Fidget Spinner
The fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys on our list of fidgety gadgets. It was originally designed in the 1990s by Catherine Hettinger as a way to relieve stress and pent-up energy. However, the spinner didn’t really catch on until this year, when popular internet personalities began marketing the toy as the newest fad in office toys and trick gadgets. Today, you can buy fidget spinners in every gas station, toy store, and supermarket–not to mention the thousands of custom designs available on the Internet. The most popular options have three blades which are connected to a central anchor. The blades are spun around at high speeds and are mesmerizing to watch. These fad toys are a great option for kids and adults who need something in their hands to keep focused or pass the time.

2. Spyn
Decisions are hard, but with this fidgeting gadget, they don’t have to be! The Spyn is a spinning top designed to help you make decisions. There are five different designs to choose from: Yes or No, Now or Later, Me or You, numbers one through six, or a blank top you can write on and erase. Just ask a question and spin the top to decide your fate at random with 1,900 rpm. This little desk toy is the modern equivalent of a Magic Eight Ball but is so much more fun to play with. Even if you don’t have a question to ask, you can spin the stainless steel gadget again and again to keep you focused on your work or studies.

1. Think Ink Pen
If you’re prone to clicking your pen, this is the ultimate fidget gadget for you. The pen is made of titanium steel that has a ton of different fidgety features. It bends, it’s magnetic, it has a steel ball to spin around the outside and a rotating slider to twirl back and forth, not to mention the detachable clip that is its own fidget gadget altogether. The Think Ink Pen is versatile, beautiful, and useful. While you’re writing down notes, homework, or your own creative ideas, you can rely on the Think Ink Pen to keep your mind occupied and focused, but it’s quiet enough not to distract people around you. Its utility makes it perfect for children, teenagers, and adults who need a little something to get them through a long day at work or school. Plus, it’s shining design makes it beautiful enough to keep out and show off. The Think Ink pen is a Kickstarter campaign that is gaining traction quickly because it is the perfect focus tool.

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