15 Kitchen Gadgets Put To The Test New Kitchen Gadgets

15 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test.

Gadgets Links:

Egg slicer https://goo.gl/8EkYkT
Kiwi Tool https://goo.gl/yTQk2m
Steak tenderiser https://goo.gl/zEwTJw
Cheese grater https://goo.gl/kYtLlU
Salad Spinner https://goo.gl/OdCrxV
Electric Fish Scaler https://goo.gl/xzxd2l
Spaghetti measure https://goo.gl/ac0RK3
Garlic press https://goo.gl/Cz7TGL
Mandolin Slicer https://goo.gl/gQYb95
strainer https://goo.gl/LJfm0J
Infusers and rice dish https://goo.gl/7rj2wM
Veggie Wedgie https://goo.gl/DrvbpH
Tomato and mozzarella slicer https://goo.gl/56PZHV
Polygons https://goo.gl/680XfL
Spirelli https://goo.gl/j9CECv

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Comment (15)

  1. oh come on you can't tell me those wire egg slicers are new they've been around for at least 15 years if not more

  2. In my country, Italy, most of those things were "new" when my 93 years old grandma was a little girl. Most of the stuffs shown already exist since years and are a standard, nothing that special…


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