15 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test – New Kitchen Gadgets 2017

15 Kitchen Gadgets Put to the Test – New Kitchen Gadgets 2017
All this Kitchen Gadgets are available in Amazon.

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Kitchen Gadgets Links:

15. Helix Citrus Juicer : http://a.co/8k0zL7E

14. Lotus Steamer Plus : http://amzn.eu/ijAF6fd

13. Rotary Peeler : http://amzn.eu/g04c9cY

12. Tri Scale : http://amzn.eu/5X0n2HQ

11. Spiro Hand Held Spiralizer : http://amzn.eu/9qaP0rE

10. C-Pump Soap Dispenser : http://amzn.eu/e7qdfAI

09. Fold Flat Grater : http://amzn.eu/4h1u3Cq

08. Twist Whisk : http://amzn.eu/9LwOLRj

07. Vegetable Peeler : http://a.co/gyFIs7G

06. Nest 9 Plus : http://amzn.eu/dCjo6kK

05. Slicer : http://a.co/7Rq0QMd

04. Onion Peeler : http://a.co/5jetjI8

03. Slice & Catch : http://amzn.eu/7RUEDzH

02. Strawberry Huller : http://a.co/39yewAU

01. Chopping Board Set : http://amzn.eu/dMMlXBz

Top Awesome New Kitchen Gadgets Inventions you would love to have .
Exciting new technology and Kitchen Gadgets ….. You Didn’t Know Existed. These new inventions will surprise you…… !!!

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  1. สุดยอดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดดด

  2. 10:00 Ironic, since the other appliances or device was all about easy cutting, and ur introducing a chopping board. How is it gonna be in use when we won't need a knife to cut anymore ??

  3. I clicked on the links for some and they are in pounds that's ok I can find currency converter but wow the prices of plastic must be high in Great Britain….. 52 pounds for a mixing box set not even stainless steel cost much in the USA….. nice products all but Wooooow !!!!!!!!!!

  4. What I don't understand about the onion peeler is the fact that, once you cut off the ends of the onion, it only takes about two seconds to cut the onion in half and remove the peel by just taking it off. And you will likely end up cutting the onion in half anyway, so the device seems to just be adding an extra step to the process..


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