22 Must Have Kitchen Gadgets For The Food Fanatic

With holidays right around the corner, we gathered a list of 22 amazing must have kitchen gadgets for the food fanatic in your family!

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#10 – Saving Us the Slice
Assis is saving our fingers from the inevitable slice. Every time you are chopping something in the kitchen, you are at risk of slicing a finger, even if you are very careful or professionally trained. Food can be wet, slippery, or hard to grip, by using this finger guard you can cut without fear of losing a digit.

#9 – Cutting Above the Rest
The multi-blade herb scissors have been around for awhile now but if you still don’t own one, now is the time to jump on this gadget. A task that usually takes several minutes can be completed in a matter of seconds, shaving time off of your cooking routine. Adding fresh herbs is a great way to brighten up any dish.

#8 – A Character Tea Infuser
There are dozens of uniquely designed tea infusers from manatees to people who hook on the edge of your cup giving the appearance of lounging in a hot tub. This one, which is replicated after Jaws, makes your beverage look like a murder scene right out of the movie, which is a pretty cool addition to your afternoon tea.

#7 – An Easier Omelette
Omelets are an easy and delicious addition to your morning hustle. The variations are endless; you can add any type of ingredient to create different flavor combinations. Sometimes, though, you end up with scrambled eggs when you attempt to flip the omelet in the pan instead of the beautifully shaped omelet you were hoping for. With this pan though, you can easily pour your egg, add your ingredients and flip the remaining egg to create the perfect omelet. The pan’s design allows the entire process to be done by the flick of your wrist and the scoop of a spatula.

#6 – With the Twist of the Wrist
Drawer space in a kitchen gets scarce with all of the gadgets, and tools, and silverware, and utensils. Take back some of that room with this whisk, which collapses to half its size with just a twist of your wrist, giving you a little more room in that drawer for that next tool you know you just have to have.

#5 – The Same but Separate
Often in cooking you find yourself needing to separate an egg yolk from the egg white. Maybe you are baking or simply trying to be healthier, either way, this task can be difficult, and if the yolk breaks, you’re doomed. Save yourself the hassle and get one of these precious little fish. With just a squeeze you can suck up the yolk and dispense it in another bowl or directly into the trash, making this job incredibly easy.

#4 – No More Flat Coke
The Fizz Saver is brought to us by Inventist, who promises to lengthen the life of your 2-liter soda bottle by storing them upside down. The company claims you’ll have fizz in your soda until the bottle runs out. The brilliant design fits conveniently inside your fridge and includes a pouring spout, making it a must-have product for your kitchen.

#3 – A Mess Free Fill Up
Hands-Free Baggy brings this gem to Amazon. It is a storage clip that holds your zip lock baggy open and upright so you can fill the bag with ease. Freezing soups or stews or anything runny just got a lot easier to bag up and store.

#2 – If You Could Eat a Horse
This nifty tool is a spaghetti noodle measuring tool giving you the ability to measure out the portion of pasta you desire – if you are someone who uses the phrase “I could eat a horse” in relation to your hunger then this tool is for you because believe it or not, there is a perfectly measured portion to satisfy your hunger.

#1 – All-in-One Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton makes breakfast so much simpler. This all-in-one breakfast sandwich creator can concoct whatever type of sandwich your heart could dream of. With breakfast being the most important meal of the day, this investment is worth your time and your money.

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  1. To save some of your money by not buying the finger guard thing just put your hand in a fist when your cutting things so is you cut yourself you don't lose your finger and you will just cut some skin off and this hack saves your money and your finger.

  2. it sounds like your being forced to say these man.


    he was an australian,

  3. A spaghetti measuring tool with a horse because you're so hungry that "you can eat a horse." And it also means that you are so hungry "you can eat a small child."

  4. kristopher prevo the word herb derives from the French in which it was silent but later the English added the h so it is now pronounced as it is spelt-herb.

  5. no.2 me when I'm hungry:I'm so hungry I could eat a horse
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