5 Amazing Music Gadgets You NEED to See!

Five amazing music gadgets that you need to see. Do you play the guitar, the drums or do you want an amazing pair of 3D headphones? This video is for you musicians and music lovers.


WAVES Nx: https://goo.gl/i2jvZu
JamStack: https://goo.gl/XNYaNJ
Lumen: https://goo.gl/qgK66J
Fret Zeppelin: https://goo.gl/YUZIsT


1. Freedrum: The Drumkit That Fits in Your Pocket. Bringing the drumming experience from soundproof studios to the outdoors, your sofa, or any other place you have a smartphone.
2. WAVES Nx: 3D AUDIO ON ANY HEADPHONES. Waves Nx is the first application to bring personalized 3D sound to any pair of headphones.
3. JamStack: The World’s First Attachable Guitar Amplifier. Get professional sound and shred with popular effects using the power of your smartphone with the JamStack.
4. Lumen: the Electro-Acoustic Handpan. A fully self-contained electronic percussion instrument in the form of a traditional handpan.
5. Fret Zeppelin: Play Guitar in 60 Seconds. Learning guitar doesn’t have to be tedious! Fret Zeppelin is a state-of-the-art full spectrum LED learning and display system.

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Comment (28)

  1. 3d audio has been around for 20 years and this is an utter bullshit gimick. Freedrummer is cool. Its not new and they didnt invent it.

  2. 3D audio my ass .. its called 7.1 headphones … and that's the only thing that works … and I won't even start about those 80 $ …

  3. Would have been nice to see AND hear that Jam Stack thing instead of 'fake' audio behind it.
    I'm not prepared to buy one.

  4. JamStack is an AMAZING idea! An electric guitar is so much easier to learn to play on at first compared to an acoustic (ESPECIALLY before you've been playing every day for long enough to develop the callouses on your fingertips), but is practically pointless without an amp to plug it into. It's genius in its simplicity.

    Fret Zeppelin looks AMAZING too, especially for beginners who haven't learned finger placement and chords yet. I've imagined a similar concept for years now but could only think of a practical way to actually do it on an instrument like a keyboard synthesizer. Bravo to the musical engineers making it that much quicker and easier for the next generation of guitarists to pickup their instrument and start learning to play it!

  5. Why do these simpering fuckwits have to end each sentence as if each sentence is a question…WHY!?

  6. A bunch of unnecessary technology. Jamstack is especially dumb. Nobody wants to put their phone in that thing.

  7. Fret Zeppelin is a losing idea for learning guitar, but market the thing as a light show for the performing guitarist and its' a winner!

  8. a lot of bullshit made by people that probably had nothing to do with their life…

  9. do they have a kick drum attachment for your feet..because its fucking useless without it… unless your in a high school drum line….seriously though..cool invention

  10. I wonder if such a video exists, where I can actually be amazed by brilliant music products that I actually want to buy. Instead of being given ads for dipshit kids who can't even play a fucking instrument. Mankind has reached its peak of laziness, and has gone far beyond.

  11. If I ever bought the fret zeppelin it would be for having LED lights on my frets. Learning guitar is a journey and if you cheat it you just aren't going to et anywhere.


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