5 BEST Camping Gadgets You MUST Have (2017 edition)

5 Best Camping Gadgets and Camping equipment of 2017 that every camping enthusiast must have. If you love going outdoors into the wild you will like this list. It has an innovative camp car tent, a wood stove, heated sleeping bag and a multitool. These are the camping gears you must have.

0:13 Skycamp- http://ikamper.com/
3:05 Enki Stove- http://www.enkistove.com/en/
5:17 Ravean Sleeping Bag- https://www.ravean.com/
8:31 Aquabot- http://www.lunatecgear.com/
10:41 The Muncher- http://www.fullwindsor.cc/
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Comment (32)

  1. the problem with ALL of these bio-fuel devices is that if they are not CSA or ULC approved, they are prohibited during camp fire bans. Our area allows liquid or compressed fuels, briquet is only aĺlowed if it is CSA or ULC approve.

  2. I sometimes think these people put more time into their commercials than thought into the product their selling. Most of which are too expensive for real people to spend money on.

  3. So great! It focuses on a quick camp set up to ensure you have more time to sit back and relax. Camping has come a long way from the days of canvas tents, PVC folding chairs, and beans over the fire. Subscribe please on my channel!

  4. Firstly, thumbs down for presuming we all "need one" of these things (not that I'm bothering to watch your upload in full),
    & second, who in their right fucking mind wants to sleep atop a car & climb down a ladder at 4am for a piss.
    Wouldn't want to roll over & find a tear in the fabric. God damn could break a fucking neck falling out!!

  5. So, why exactly MUST we have that? you Never explained it. I never had that crap and I've done Just Fine. Perhaps you need to change the Title. IDIOT.

  6. The MUNCHER is so usless compared to a swiss army knife + fire stone
    I liked the car tent most, followed by the stove. Rest is useless or schizophrenic (battery powered sleeping bag?!)

  7. I was cold, missrable so then I thought "hey why don't I put on my heated jacket" (that he invented) lol…and your an "idea person"

  8. sleep bag liner! who hates comin' out of your bag on a cold morning to try to dress COLD! this thing lets you ease into it without the shivering~ like it!

  9. commenters pissin' ana' moanin', jeez, would NEVER want to kick back in the woods with these guys!? camping is about making do, not like your living room. LOVE when the guys brag at work about "
    camping" in their great big hotels on wheels complaining about having to clean the shitter?


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