5 BEST KITCHEN GADGETS on Amazon (Under $25)

You scream, I scream, we all scream for… kitchen gadgets! Get ready for a brand spanking new, hot out of the oven offering of 5 incredibly awesome new kitchen gadgets available right now on Amazon! All featured gadgets are currently priced for under $25!
0:05 – Instant Marinator –
1:03 – Garlic Rocker Crusher – http://amzn.to/2pqHV2G
1:59 – Deluxe Corn Stripper – http://amzn.to/2oQpCAB
3:00 – PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper – http://amzn.to/2p8lYVa
4:14 – Greek Yogurt Maker – http://amzn.to/2oQrnOq
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Kitchen gadgets include: A highly rated vacuum marinator, the world’s most elegantly designed and equally effective garlic press, and perhaps the most convenient and easy to use corn stripper on the market. Also fun and easy way to prepare popcorn at home, plus the ultimate at-home solution for making delicious yogurt.
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Music Includes:

Balzan Groove, Aurea Carmina, and Hep Cats by by Kevin MacLeod – http://incompetech.com/

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Comment (22)

  1. That garlic press is a joke. Who would ever buy that? If someone needs that thing to cook for you, run for the hills. If they can't run a knife through a bulb of garlic, they won't be able to turn on the stove to cook it.

  2. Hilarious – the voiceover says the yogurt has no corn syrup AT THE VERY MOMENT WHEN THE HONEY'S POURING

  3. The video clearly showed that the popcorn container completely opens during the popping process. Hence, popcorn all over the microwave. Am I missing something? I'll stick with the bags thank you.

  4. Nice initiative – lets deepthroat earth beyond recognition with yet another series of useless and redundant gadgets that a professional would never dream of using – and as for the garlic gadget – so five cloves need five separate pushes – the tragedy is that gadgets like these have great appeal for people (the majority) who cant cook. Shame on you.

  5. Non mais sans rire, on est dans la décroissance les gars. Donc, on arrête d'acheter tous ces gadgets inutiles. Z'ont pas compris.

  6. the corn thing left WAY too much corn and goodness on the cob. use a chef's knife and get it all.

  7. I have 3 yogurt makers and now with the price of milk Greek style is more expensive to make than to buy.

  8. Something about the commercials…
    0:05 – Instant Marinator
    I don't want that! Producer said "Made from highly durable polycarbonate" but… well, there's nothing like glass??? And maybe less durable for forces, but glass even does not smell and does not take scents.
    1:03 – Garlic Rocker Crusher
    I don't want that! Too much garlic remains in the holes xD
    1:59 – Deluxe Corn Stripper
    There's is canning machine in offer too?
    3:00 – PopTop Microwave Popcorn Popper
    PUT THAT ON YOUR HEAD! I would do it…
    4:14 – Greek Yogurt Maker
    yeah, you're an good yogurt maker. That was she said.


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