5 Coolest Gadgets You Must Have #8 (Sept 2016)

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Here are the 5 awesome gadgets/tech you should have. These gadgets are super awesome and gives you unique features. They are extremely useful, entertaining and fun to use. All the product links are listed down below.

Bearbot: http://bit.ly/2cuP7kO
Geizeer: http://bit.ly/2cT3hRh
Phree: http://bit.ly/2cRZK32
Fidget Cube: http://kck.st/2cS0ntd
Shooz: http://kck.st/2cRZ39V

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Comment (41)

  1. anyone notice that in the title it says "5" coolest gadgets you must have number "8" ???? O_O CLICKBAIT MUCH

  2. "Couldn't afford an air conditioner" was the fans from there $1200 Mac books not strong enough to cool them down?

  3. The little bear is super cute and really cool. I hate the SHOOZ because it looks super stupid. The fidget cube is something I need

  4. bearbot is stupid – the reason why these dont work well is because no one should have to remember so many different gestures…

    Geizeer – used a refrigerator to talk about a device that uses ice from the freezer… this tells me they dont understand their product that well. — it's basically a PC fan over an ice pack… you can make at home for less — these will only cool very close to it, and be no good in very high temps…

    phree is stupid — the reason touch screen is best is because you are directly interacting with the device and allows you to draw and write as though you are doing so on paper…with this you and your device is separate…you can not see where the lines are beneath the pen, so you have to guess by glancing at the screen — hence why this product never took off.

    Shooz – zips quickly fail…especially the more you use them… they also look very cheap and tacky – then you look at the price and realise you could get several pairs of shoes for the price of one.

    fidget cube — WTF

    Theres a reason why these are on startup sites — most people dont need them or want them…they are made for such a small audience in mind because of how crap they are…good lord some people waste a lot of money and natural resources 🙁


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