5 Coolest Gadgets You Must Have! (Mar 2017)

Gadgets? Who wouldn’t love them? So here are 5 more of the best and most useful gadgets you should check out this march 2017. All of the products featured in this video are totally useful in daily life and are available to purchase online. Please find the product links down below.

FLATPAC: Just Pack & Unpack In A Second : http://kck.st/2mAFYeD
Freestyle Edge – The Ultimate Split Gaming Keyboard: http://kck.st/2mAASz2
KiwiCard – Smart Wallet Tracker: http://kck.st/2nvN74W
DUO Travel Pillow: http://bit.ly/2nNeOCn
Lumin Aid Solsr Lantern: http://bit.ly/2maSiHp (Another Version [$20]: http://amzn.to/2nvRltx)

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Comment (8)

  1. Most of these are cool, but I thought the keyboard one was lame. It took them 12 months to think of cutting a mechanical keyboard in half, connect it with an external wire on the top, and then put a stand on it? I find that embarrassing.

  2. Automatic thumbs down! Why? Because pictured item NOT in video. I really hate when they do that. In this case you see a cool looking fidget spinner…so you watch 8 minutes of video with NO fidget spinner included. Sucks !


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