5 Crazy Gadgets Every GIRL MUST Have!

Five crazy gadgets every girl/woman must and should have. Amazing multi-tools and tech for woman in the daily life.


Livia: https://goo.gl/9QW7hP
The Pee Pocket: https://goo.gl/JXFRz1
Nailbot: https://goo.gl/RlQK36
EVOLUTION BRA: https://goo.gl/9GkwZG
esa Go: https://goo.gl/ZWJq0v


1. Livia: The Off Switch for Menstrual Pain. Instant pain relief – no more pills, no more nonsense.
2. The Pee Pocket: Never squat over a dirty toilet seat again! Use this cleverly designed disposable female urinary device specially designed by a team of doctors.
3. Nailbot: The Smartphone Nail Art Printer. Nailbot prints custom art directly on nails with your phone in 5 seconds!
4. 8-in-1 EVOLUTION BRA: The World’s Most Advanced Bra. The most comfortable, versatile, and advanced bra. Wire free, odorless, quick dry & reversible.
5. esa Go: The Complete 7-in-1 Nail and Tweezing Kit. The world’s most compact 7-in-1 nail and tweezing multi-tool.

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Comment (26)

  1. Sorry, no offense, but have you ever spoken to a female person? The last one is just a swiss knife version of a nailset, the pee-while-standing-thing exists in different version already for years by now and is a well-known gadget for hikers. And being a girl or woman isn't about suffering for three to five days of the month from your period, desperately wishing for a better fitting (but less fancy) bra or having pretty nails – the only thing that can be considered to be innovative or new might be the electro impulse against menstruation pain. Well, at least that one was funny. -.-
    I don't know what I expected, but I wished for something that actually involves technology, innovation and creativity, not just a video about "here, that's how you can look pretty even when you're abroad or working!"

  2. You do realize that if the she wee was used as you show in your thumbnail, she would pee all over herself? Maybe you need a class in the female anatomy, since it looks as if you think a girl's urethra comes out in the same place where a man has his penis… well, since it doesn't, it would be better to turn the she wee the right way, since it now obviously is upside down! Turn it, and the cup part will reach the urethra opening and magic will happen, gals can stand and pee – very practical! And funny! ?


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