5 Futuristic Flying Gadgets

What happens when you want to buy a new flying gadget, but you don’t necessarily want a traditional drone? Problem solved! Checkout this presentation of 5 super cool new flying devices.

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0:03 – PowerUp FPV – http://www.poweruptoys.com/
2:49 – Gravitron v2 FPV Racing Drone – http://www.droneproz.com/
5:46 – Bionic Bird – http://www.mybionicbird.com/?lang=en
7:57 – Easy Drone XL Pro – http://easyaerial.com/
10:01 – Carbon Flyer 2.0 – http://www.carbonflyer.com/

Who hasn’t always wanted a motorized paper airplane with a built-in camera? Or perhaps you are a flying bird type of person? There’s a little something for everyone in today’s video.

Thanks for watching! Before you leave, let us know which one of these futuristic flying inventions is your favorite!

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  1. i am going to leave a like because i know the hardship that is to meke the video, but from these projects only the last got me a little interested

  2. Range is the biggest selling point for me with those virtual flyers. 300 feet and 240 feet isn't going to cut it.


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