5 Gadgets Every MAN Should Have (2017)

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Hello BROS, here are the 5 coolest gadgets/accessories every MAN loves to own. The list ranges from ergonomic watches to awesome clothing. The products that are featured in this video are extremely popular and have a very good rating and reviews. All the product links are listed down below. Though some of the products look luxurious, they are affordable too.

Troy Wooden Watch ($189): http://bit.ly/2iupILw (Similar: http://bit.ly/2pmfu5N)
Beard King($30): http://amzn.to/2ikVNby
Ekster Wallet($99 Onwards): http://bit.ly/2f8Tyqu
Unbound Apparels($55 Onwards): http://bit.ly/2jAVjv7
Talon Multi tool ($34): http://bit.ly/2iIqh7Q

Some of the above products are available for pre order only, however they are more likely to ship out very very soon as all of them are funded weeks ago. We will keep you updated if the products reach amazon.

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Please watch: “5 Awesome Gadgets You Can Buy Online – Under $25”


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Comment (43)

  1. I'm glad to see you back! Last time I came to your channel it were terminated :/ I'm happy you're back and got everything solved 😀

  2. so 189 for a watch, 30 for a piece of cloth, 99 for a wallet, 55 onwards for clothes that lazy people don't want to wash and 34 for a multi tool you can find anywhere lol what a waste

  3. Wait. Wooden watch, Beard kit, pointless tech wallet, unwashed clothes and a tool with 100 pointless features and the beach bottle opener you bought it for….. should this be 5 gadgets every white dreaded hipster d-bag should have?

  4. Those people that say there clothes wont start to smell they shouldnsend some to me to test i bet i can make them smell

  5. man i would use that beard hair catcher thing all the time i always use the 20l garbage bags and tear them open to cover the sink and just let it fall there that would be so much better

  6. I don't care what material your underwear is made from; wearing anything for 46 days straight is plain nasty. Sometimes principles matter more than practicality — and when balls, butt-cracks, and underarms are involved, principles always win.

  7. I carry knives and other edc tools so will always check a bag so… yeah. But still has appeal from a minimalist perspective. Very nice.

  8. No offense troy, but Indonesia is still the best wooden watch makers for me. From simplistic to complex automatics, you can find it there. Indonesian wooden watch brands such as woodka, nink, zwaggery, and NoL_ID is worth checking out.

  9. fucking christ. every single one of these videos is always the same shit; a wallet, a multi-tool, a beard thing, and 2 other useless things one of which has something to do with backpacking.


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