5 Gadgets Every Parent Should Have

5 Gadgets Every Parent Should Have

0:14 Medical Kit : https://clinicloud.com/
1:15 Infant Tub : https://goo.gl/vtKLny
2:06 NoomiNoomi : https://igg.me/at/NOOMINOOMI/x
3:49 Owlet : http://www.owletcare.com/
6:16 Babelt : http://www.babelt.com/
5 Gadgets Description
Medical Kit – Great health care and peace of mind is always at hand.
Infant Tub – Allows clean water to flow in, while dirty water flows out. With its built-in color-coded temperature gauge, it’s easy to get your baby’s bath water to a safe and comfortable temperature.
NoomiNoomi – The World’s Premier Stroller Rocker To Finally Give Parents An Extra Hand, Anywhere and Anytime!The World’s Premier Stroller Rocker To Finally Give Parents An Extra Hand, Anywhere and Anytime!
Owlet – Empowers you with the same technology hospitals use, pulse oximetry. There’s a reason hospitals use pulse oximetry in place of other monitoring options. It’s safe, proven, and accurate.
Babelt – Allows you to know heart rate, body temperature and sleep monitor of your baby, anytime, anywhere
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Comment (26)

  1. all of these gadgets make it easier to not be around your own child… why have a kid all you want to to do is monitor it while you aren't around?

  2. wrong title……5 gadgets every lazy person who doesn't want to be parent should have……would be more appropriate

  3. Really helpful thank you 🙂
    We're expecting our first on 28th August so need all the tips I can get at my age!

  4. ATTENTION PARENT FRIENDS! We recently created a new service called Bonnie. It’s super easy – you sign up for free with your email, and then you get an alert any time there’s a safety issue or recall on a product you own. Super useful. Check it out, and give it a try (either to keep your family safe or just as a favor to me)! Here’s the link: http://www.bonnie.ai.

  5. The 4 mom's infant tub is OVERPRICED!!! I will never pay 50$ for a piece of plastic my child sits in

  6. Hey! Here's an idea! Use your own hands you got on your body to push the stroller, but wait there's moreee! You can also use does hands to touch the water so you know if it's warm or not! Whaaat?!! Oh wait I forgot the best part yet! These hands I'm talking about are free! What?!!? Yeahhh freee!!! Wooow??? mind blown!!

  7. Or get none of them and you'll actually be starting your parenting life off ten steps ahead of everyone else. Plus you'll have saved money for meaningful things rather than contributing to hyperconsumerism and tech gargantuism that is ruining us intellectually, physically, environmentally as well as emotionally.


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