5 Gadgets Will Convert Your HOME into SMART HOME

Here is the list of 5 Gadgets That Will Convert Your Home into SMART Home. A must have and must watch list if you are even thinking about to purchase a new house!!! Homes will soon become intelligent enough to distinguish between family members and guests within physical spaces and adapt to individual needs based on biometrics like fingerprints, body temperatures and even the rhythm of our own heartbeats. So why not take a step and get this started?

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0:07 Oomi-http://oomihome.com/
3:14 Nucli-https://www.westinghousesecurity.com/homeproducts/nucli/
4:50 Eve-http://www.spruceirrigation.com/
6:35 Almond+- http://goo.gl/Dg8fU8
9:34 iGia-http://www.chaoyongwenhua.com/igia/index.html
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Music used- A New Leaf by Silent Partner.
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Comment (26)

  1. The smart home is about making it posible for you home to be controld and tracked by the companys.

  2. Feels like 5 commercials for a product stitched together. No comment on the products… looks cool, but then, if I'm a company putting a promo video on the net, I'd make it look like the coolest thing ever. Would be better if there was any commentary on the product.

  3. All of these are cumbersome and doing the exact thing their trying to fix! Right now the reality of smart home/home automation is messy. There is to many items and systems trying to compete. There are open source projects in the hobby community that get really close, but nothing right out of the box.

  4. Just looks like a bunch of amateur crowd-funding vapour-ware toys. Smart home? I think not. FIBARO is a real product; been out for years and infinitely better than this tripe

  5. Looks great and I absolutely love the concept,  but once again unless the country you are in has the infrastructure readily available and working that can cope mwith this stuff then this stuff simply won't work at all?  In some countries if the basic telco infrastructure can barely cope with the mobuile signal and downloads then how can this work???

  6. Hmm I think that the Nucli smart-lock is good, but you should really be the one to go up to your door and physically greet guests, I think it's more polite. Great idea though!

  7. Society is getting too security oriented. All this stuff is aimed at combating crime, rather than dissolving crime at its root.

  8. So in summary the smart home market is as much of a mess as it's always been. Until we get convergence of standards don't waste your money. Open, scalable, standardised, compatible and upgradeable then I'm in…


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