5 Kitchen Gadgets for College Dorm Rooms! (What the Flavor)

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No oven, no hot plate, no PROBLEM. Today on What the Flavor, we’re testing cooking gadgets & life hacks for easy meal prep in dorm rooms – because college shouldn’t mean a life sentence to ramen and dining hall food.

From mini-appliances to microwave friendly essentials, we’re showing how to cook, bake, and grill without a kitchen & even on-the-go!!

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Comment (49)

  1. All of those sucked besides the waffle one and coffee warmer . The beverage makes tooo much noise and the rest small servings and it takes REALLY long . Then lets say you're making you food and then want hash brown too … But then the egg or whatever will get cold . That will suck .

  2. I saw the most amazing thing at sam’s I don’t know if that is in la but it’s essentially just Costco but what I saw was the most perfect thing for a dorm it was a one cup coffee maker plus a toaster oven plus a grill like ?

  3. I can't have literally any of those things in my dorm. For breakfast since I can't have a toaster (which is really sad bc I love toast with peanut butter) I sometimes do a tortilla with peanut butter and slices of banana but I rarely have banana bc it's hard to get to the store. I often steal fruit from the cafeteria bc we aren't supposed to take it with us but I need fruit for breakfast and I eat breakfast in my dorm

  4. Okay these were all fun crazy gadgets but I legitimately think the best college dorm gadget is the instant pot! That one item works as a hot plate to sautee, a slow cooker, a rice cooker and a standard pressure cooker! It's so versatile

  5. Lets see my uni diet was….fresh pasta pockets that had cheese in them, you literally boil them for 2 minutes and serve. Super noodles, Fray Bentos Pies, mini chicken Kievs….and my local chinese takeaway xD If i was feeling hungry get a giant yorkshire pudding, put in the Fray bentos pie and cover with super noodles xDD

  6. if you don’t need these anymore you guys should do a giveaway and give all these items to a college student, I live in a dorm and having even a few of these items would be a total game changer for dorm life so I think someone out there would really appreciate it!


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