5 More Current TV Shows With LGBT Characters (2016)

5 more current (2016) TV series with LGBT characters that I watch or that I have watched. This is a sequel of the videos “5 More Current TV Shows With LGBT Characters (2015)” and “5 Current TV Shows with LGBT Characters (2014)” which I uploaded last year and the year before. All these shows are still running (that was the point of the whole video). So if you’re looking for a current TV show with at least some lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and queer representation, check out one of my suggestions. Also, please post your favorite LGBT relationship from a TV show in the comments. 🙂

These are the characters and TV series I talk about:

1. Broad City (Ilana, bisexual/pansexual, Jaimé, gay)
2. The 100 (Clarke Griffin, bisexual)
3. Sense8 (Lito, gay, Hernando, gay, Nomi, trans + bisexual or lesbian, Amanita, bisexual or lesbian )
4. Grace and Frankie (Robert, gay, Sol, gay)
5. Jessica Jones (Jeri, lesbian, Pam, lesbian or bisexual, Wendy, lesbian or bisexual)

My accounts:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/QueerGermanGirl
Tumblr: http://whystuffisgreat.tumblr.com/
My other youtube channel: http://tiny.cc/queergermangirl
My website (hire me!!!): http://annaeichenauer.com

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment or write me a message! 🙂

On Axis – Pipe Choir
Do Do Do – YouTube Royalty Library
ChaCha Fontanez – YouTube Royalty Library
Accidents Will Happen – YouTube Royalty Library
Flying Free – YouTube Royalty Library
Our Distance – YouTube Royalty Library
Chaos – YouTube Royalty Library
Think Tank – YouTube Royalty Library
Let It In – Josh Woodward
Marionette – YouTube Royalty Library
Earthy Crust – YouTube Royalty Library
Heist Me – YouTube Royalty Library
As well as a few tracks from myself (during the Sense8 part). 😉

My little comment: This video took about 4 full days to create and 10 hours to upload. Kinda the reason why it’s hard to make a lot of videos – especially since it’s really hard to make money with YouTube. I’m trying to make more, though, it’s super fun. 🙂 And your comments keep me going!


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