5 New Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy NOW On Amazon #40

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Comment (42)

  1. The glasses/earphones , are a bummer. With all this new bluetooh speaking devices we won't be able to tell the crazy people from the idiot ones.!

  2. Not impressed by anything in this video. I thought the flood sensor might have been promising for some people but I can see it being trodden on and broken within 5 mins.

  3. Oh jeah, wow. I CANT buy the glasses NOW on AMAZON, cause it is on KICKSTARTER. Clickbait idiots. Oh and the drone isnt available. Nice job buckheads.

  4. 1. who the fuck still use a tv? netflix and popcorn time is all you need.

    2. what normal person would need a 360 camera? is your day that interesting? no, no it isnt.

    3. realy? a flood sensor?

    4. a small drone, so drones are still populare?

    5. "you know what would be a great idea?" to not make everything based on computers.
    whats the next? a bluetooth based pen? so you can store what you write -.-
    tought we where gone slow down on all the computer based shit when they exposed how "easly" those computer based guns where to hack

  5. My favorite part was where it said "5 New Amazing Gadgets You Can Buy NOW On Amazon #40" but like, 3 of these are still in kickstarter. Like, you can't buy them on Amazon. Or even now. You can't buy them.


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