5 New TV Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch

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We’re finally getting all the details and new trailers , which means new shows featuring some of our favorite stars.

All the new midseason and fall 2017 shows are packed with A-list talent and exciting original ideas, but there’s 5 in particular that already have us ready to set our DVRs. So let’s break those down, starting with…

Lucy Hale’s new post-Pretty Little Liars show, “Life Sentence”, which is premiering mid-season this year.

“Life Sentence” follows the story of a free-spirited woman, who after being told for eight years that she would be dying from cancer and wouldn’t live long, is suddenly told that she’s been cured of the disease. Drama and humor ensue as she, her family, and her significant other realize she’s going to have to fully live our her life now. Somehow I have a feeling we’re gonna be learning a lot of valuable life lessons from Ms. Hale throughout this show.

Another new comedy we can’t wait to check out later this year is ABC’s “The Mayor”, starring a hilarious cast including Glee’s Lea Michele. The show follows a struggling hip-hop artist runs for mayor to promote his mix-tape and actually wins, and yes–it looks as hilarious as it sounds.

A show that’s relevant AND hilarious? Sign us up!
Next on our list of DVR worthy shows is the CW’s Black Lightning, and considering the network has been completely nailing the superhero genre with Arrow and The Flash, we have no doubt this is gonna be another fan-favorite…

Based on the DC character of the same name, Black Lightning follows the story of a retired superhero who’s forced to return when his bright and justice-seeking daughter is recruited by a local gang. It’s definitely one of the darker and grittier shows coming this year, but we have no problem with that.

Another show we can’t wait to see later this year is Fox’s upcoming comedy ‘Ghosted’, starring the always-Craig Robinson and Adam Scott.

Ghosted will follow the story of a skeptic and “true believer” in the paranormal, who are both recruited by an organization called “The Bureau Underground” to investigate a series of unusual and “unexplained” activities that are occurring in the Los Angeles area. Needless to say, hilarity ensues.

And last but not least, we can’t wait to see what the CW will do with their reboot of the soap ‘Dynasty’, which originally aired in the 80s and revolved around a wealthy family in Colorado. Looking at the trailer, it seems like the reboot has no problem keeping in all the campy soap drama that made the original such a success back in the day…

I just have two words to describe this show: Guilty pleasure.

Okay guys now I wanna know which new show you’re most excited to check out later this year, so sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to subscribe for more News Feed!

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