5 Super Innovative Kitchen Gadgets

Five really awesome kitchen gadgets and tools. Thumbnail at 1:22. Links below.
0:00 ➤ Polygons – https://igg.me/p/1955596/twtr
0:36 ➤ Whisk Wiper – https://goo.gl/2csnSe
2:33 ➤ The biēm Butter Sprayer – https://biemspray.com/
4:32 ➤ GIR Bottle Stoppers – https://goo.gl/5TsFVJ
6:33 ➤ KNASA Chef Knife – http://kck.st/2f5ryU9


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Comment (36)

  1. jp5'lyjinmn

  2. Cold butter seems to be one of the major problems of mankind, have seen 4 different genius devices to solve it so far lol

  3. Finally a list of good and useful kitchen product…except the bottle stopper thingy. I don't know, maybe because I don't drink alcohol, or because I think people won't have a leftover drinks if it was delicious…
    I really want that knife, though………….although I prefer to use a knife that was a little bit flat on the bottom.

  4. I love a knive that leaves bits on food as it sharps it's self!!!!!!!!!! LOL
    This stuff is funny, but not truly useful.

  5. whisk wiper great idea, I've always been pained at the cleaning up, esply all the buttery stuff, would love to have one , will it fit any size of whisk, or must I get the whisk you are developing.

  6. OK OK, I feel I should back up my comments………..the whisk?………..bang it a few times on the bowl, sorted, always have a washing up bowl filled with hot water, drop in, all dirty items while cooking, and it melts off…..the butter squirter ? leave it out of the fridge then, sheeesh, I do, 24./7 and it never goes off….bottle stoppers?…………never any left to use one of those dandy little things, buy screw cap's then? LOL, ….Knives? fraction of the price at under $100?, talk about gadgets for the rich …. hillarious, but it will need sharpening like any other knife … at some point, do as my Nana did, use the door step !!!. professional chef, pah, one of the first things you are taught, how to sharpen a knife….. …………………..still giggling here. 🙂


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