5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have

5 survival gadgets to help you survive the next zombie apocalypse Links to all the Inventions shown in the Video [ Show More ]

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I cant wait to put these gadgets to the test

4.Msk 1:http://ultimatesurvivaltips.com/msk-1-survival-knife/
3.The Fire Biner:http://www.outdoorelement.com/
2.Pure 2 Go:https://goo.gl/G4WjLP

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5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have

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Comment (40)

  1. Personally I would much rather have a high strength laser with me.
    1. It can work as a flashlight with the proper lens.
    2. It can start fires.
    3. you can send out an S.O.S. into the night sky that would be easily visible for miles and point out your exact location.

    but yeah, that ms5 thing is interesting to. but IMO it looks more like a "Novice of many, master of few" kind of tool

  2. So basicly you have to have shit load of stuff and then just artificialy get youreself trapped in some hell-hole jungle …

    How about ,making stuff from nothing ?? if of chance youre dropped ( by someone else ) naked, into wilderness OR More likely scenario ,that there comes invasion , and you have to run into woods , with just what youre wearing now..

  3. Survival gadget but yet he has a working cell phone with service. Doesn't need to survive just order a pizza from Papa johns. Better pizza Better Ingredients.

  4. i love how on the forth one he says it can treat a wounds but its just a fucking scratch and healing it with a cotton ball

  5. 300 plus dollars for a piece of steel what a joke only a fool would pay 300 plus dollars for a piece of steel

  6. I know barely anyone is going to see this but to the few people that do see this have a great, wonderful, joyful, fantastic, and awesome day

  7. This video is garbage – You don't need any "gadget" for survival. In fact you will do well to stay away from anything labelled or considered a "gadget". The only thing worse that gadgets are those that propose to serve multiple functions. In most cases that simply means they are cheaper and less reliable. You are better off building yoru own kit with quality items in it – The day you need yoru survival kit will likely be the worst day of yoru life. Do you want to be relying on some gimmick or gadget?
    Using a knife for a bow drill set is ludicrous. Doing so without the sheath covering the blade is down right irresponsible and dangerous. Same as using your primary survival tool for a spear". On the on e in a million shot you manage to spear wild game with it the game will likely run off with yoru knife. Another stupid survival gimmick. Instead use yoru knife to manufacture a spear – never use yoru knife as a spear.
    Don't get me started on the "tacti-cool" axe. That thing is a joke.

  8. I'm looking for something I can start fires with but doesn't run out of chemical or fuel,any suggestions?

  9. That motherfucker just say high carbon steel holds a razor sharp edge and is very resistant?
    Lol what? High carbon steel is the opposite, its tougher but doesn't hold an edge as well as other steels and it also rusts way easier.
    Thats why the fucking gerbers are so cheap.

  10. Holy Crap!!!!! 595.95 for their top end axe head. Do you realize what you can buy for that in other survival gear. Nice idea but not worth the money for what it offers.

  11. TWO OF THEM HAVE BOTTLE OPENERS? If you can't open a bottle without a bottleopener… you are not gonna make it in life no matter what!

  12. Crappy Title: "5 Survival Gadgets You Should Have". So we SHOULD have a $180.00 Klax hatchet head (OOPS, Handle ONLY $30.00 additional)??? Seriously, you can buy a DECENT Steel Hatchet from Wally-World for less than 6 bucks – made in China just like the Klax! This thing is not at all rugged; not enough heft to chop effectively, and is guaranteed to break the first time you try cut up a piece of firewood. Note the axe blade is as blunt as a turd. It's about as useful as a Trump.


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