5 Tech Gadgets For Better Health

These 5 modern advancements in technology can actually help you live a healthier life. Strong, like bull.

More Product Info:

0:05 SCiO Spectrometer – https://www.consumerphysics.com/myscio/order
2:08 Vitastiq – http://www.vitastiq.com/
5:25 AmpStrip – http://www.ampstrip.com/
7:08 iHeart – http://www.iheartalive.com/
9:07 Bitbite – http://www.thebitbite.com/

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Comment (15)

  1. I subscribed because of the new gadgets and inventions. Hopefully this channel will stick with this new format. Fuck vine videos. There are thousands of YouTube channels dedicated to show stupid vines of random people that nobody cares about.
    Good videos btw

  2. Regarding Vitastiq, EAV methodology has no scientific basis. No serious clinical trial has shown it works. The only study found, a double-blind study comparing an EAV device for allergy diagnosis to conventional skin prick testing, found that the EAV device did not correlate with skin-prick testing.

    If you don't analyze the blood, you don't measure the vitamins and minerals.

  3. ha you mean beams up to the chemtrails not clouds , dont like people touching my food, good greif karen cedar lake indiana . love the second one. 3rd one is spooky. not healthy n very personal. bitbite is messed up. robotic stuff how goofy. how stupid

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