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Top brands have lots of copycats, and sometimes fakes are made so well you’re almost unable to recognize them.

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  1. once apon a time there was a boy named Sam he sung a song about phones he sung it so well and published it on radio a technision who made phones hered the song and here's were she lives a few months later he made a phone and driver's to the girls home he knocked the door and said are you the girl who sang that song about phones she said yes he pulled a phone out of his bag and gave it to her and said here have it its all yours she was so happy she got a phone and the name of the phone was Sam her name and sung when she sung the song samsung

  2. Weight. Fake watches and some fake gadgets (headphones) will be lighter than the originals. Although not the easiest for any one to know what something should weigh but collectors or people that use the products regularly will know. We actually found a good fake Xbox one. But it was almost half pound lighter.

  3. Once I bought a fake replacement battery for my Samsung camcorder and it broke the camera, so now I am stuck with recording my iPod.

  4. i was on amazon and this scammer wanted me to buy his fake iphone 7 and then i sended him this video then he stoped messaging me XDDDD

  5. I h8 big brands like samsung and huaway and more… Couse you are puting extra money for the brand name like o look i have a s8 samsung (bla bla bla bla) i bought allview x2 soul extreme so good looking phone so well working and see the spec chipset (cortex A53 64 gb octacore 2.0ghz )3gb ram 64 iternal+sd(128gb) grapfic card (it has but idk what)
    Gorila glas 3 on 6inch screan whit high graphics(perfect) 24mp back camera 8mp front dts sound speaker +high quality 3.5 headphones 2sim cards +finger print android os 5.1 but upgraded to good 5.1(look a video its verry difrent from normal android) 3500 mAh batery verry good phone for i bought it for 260 € +- (520bgn ) the phone is from 2015 if you want to buy a samsung or lg go on put another 600€ more and there you have it same spec for 800€ ggwp

  6. I asked my freind to buy me a good quality of headphones. But he came up with a beats solo hd teared box and the inside was dangerous. The cables differ both sides too. It sounds good. I don't even know if it's original or fake. ?


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