6 Useful Smart Gadgets You Must Try

6 Useful Smart Gadgets You Must Try

1. NanoHold – NanoSuction Holder for Phones http://www.nanohold.com/
With NanoHold, it is easy to take a stellar full-length group or individual selfie that can even include your gorgeous setting!

2. Jibo The World’s First Social Robot – https://igg.me/at/jiborobot/x
Friendly, helpful and intelligent… Meet Jibo, The World’s First Social Robot. JIBO is the perfect robot for everyone in the family.

3. TrackR bravo – https://igg.me/at/TrackRbravo/x
TrackR bravo – The Thinnest Tracking Device. With the TrackR app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly locate items around the home using the distance indicator radar or tap the “Ring Device” button to cause your lost item to ring.

4. The Hydra SmartBottle – http://open-2.com/the-hydra/
Stay charged while listening to music and hydrate anywhere with The HYDRA SmartBottle (w/integrated Bluetooth speaker & mic).

5. Magkey – Magnetic Smart Key Holder http://kck.st/1NtrK71
The most effective smart key holder for your jingling keys. Neodymium magnets designed for your Keys.

6. Sphericam 2 The VR 360 video camera – http://kck.st/1RPFc6h
Sphericam 2 is a spherical, 360º camera that allows you to capture absolutely everything around you in high resolution without any blind spots.

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  1. This tracker bravo it is a waste of your money…, it track max 49 feet and not 100 as it is advertise for.., fucking scam.. Shame on you tracker founder…, do not buy it big disappointment !

  2. Ordered online from there official website and its taking forever.  They sent me a confirmation e-Mail and that was that. Its been almost a month no updates.    Confirmation e-mail states a 3 week backlog for stocks. Buyer beware


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