7 Awesome Waffle Iron Recipes: Howdini Hacks

It’s called a waffle iron, but let’s not be technical. Ask yourself, “Can I waffle that?” Brownies, cinnamon buns, hash browns! Howdini brings you 7 outrageously delicious recipes… so dig that waffle iron out of the cabinet.

Waffle Brownie: 0:03
Waffle Cinnamon Buns 0:30
Waffle Hash Browns: 0:59
Waffle Quesadillas: 1:25
Waffle Omelette: 1:45
Waffle Biscuit: 2:15
Breakfast Wiscuit Sandwich: 2:35

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This video is about waffle iron recipes and life hacks.

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Comment (45)

  1. I hate nitpickers, however this illustrates a bad example of using a metal spatula against a non-stick surface. For shame, given all the kitchen tools available for this purpose!

  2. I tried the brownie waffles with a mix and it did not work at all. They were way too soft to get out of the iron and just fell apart. What did I do wrong? I so badly wanted that to work lol! I used cooking spray so they didn't stick but they just didn't hold together while I was trying to get them out.

  3. One of my biggest peeves is how people use the word "hacks" when they really mean tips and tricks. You're not hacking anything. That's not even close to what that word means.

  4. Help Howdini.  Can't see what you are doing because of the HUGE closed captioning going on during your video.  I play them over and over but can't get it.  PS And please slow down a bit.  THANKS!


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