7 Best Gadgets for Travel — Travel Tip

Packing for a trip, and want to know what gadgets are essential? Travel expert Rachel Rudwall shares her must-haves!

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– Travel
– Tech, Gadgets, Electronics
– Kwikset Kevo Smart Key
– Headphones
– Portable Speakers, Bose, Goal Zero
– Cameras, GoPro
– Power Strip, Splitter
– Backup Battery, Mophie
– Smartphone
– Apps
– iPhone
– Virtual Reality
– Sports
– Shopping
– Verizon
– Hotels, Airports
– Santa Monica

Special thanks to Verizon for sharing their Santa Monica Destination store! You can find them at:
– verizon.com/santamonica
– 1322 3rd Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA 90401

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Comment (14)

  1. Doesn't matter the subject of a H2T video, you will be entertained . Check them all and see if you don't agree!

  2. i'm with ya on plugs, usb plugs and portable batteries.Not sure about a go pro…had a video camera before, but rarely used it. Depending on where you're going, having a tablet/e-reader can be very helpful. I also like to take a separate music device, helps to save a bit of the phone battery.

  3. My favorite travel gadget is a phone charger for my car for all those times I'm on the road and need to call somebody but my phone is dying so a phone charger I can use in my car is always a must have. As always love your videos guys. Your both so beautiful and brilliant. Your videos always make my day better.

  4. A smart phone really is the best travel gadget, it can be a map, a translator, and a camera all in one…oh yeah, and it can make phone calls lol

  5. I've really come to like my Travelogic power adaptor. It works like any other adaptor, but also has 2 USB ports, allowing me to charge my phone, smart watch, and battery pack simultaneously using only 1 outlet. Since my battery pack has 2 USB ports as well, I could add 2 more devices. 5 devices, 1 outlet!

  6. Keeping it simple when I travel. I tend to go remote. So my mini solar panel is a life saver. While I was trekking in Nepal, I strapped it to my back pack, plugged my iPod, iPhone, and it was even powerful enough to trickle change camera batteries. Great idea, it's water proof, and shock proof!

    One Life, One Search,
    Peace Out,

  7. Travelling is grueling, and can often leave you feeling grungy and gross. This is especially true for long plane rides and car trips. To stay feel fresh and clean, carry a lemon with you in your carry on. When you start to feel smelly, just slice off a small piece and rub it on your arm pits. Make sure you don't have a cut! Also, if you're travelling by air, use a knife provided at one of the restaurants in the terminal to slice your lemon. If you try to bring one with you, it will be confiscated.

    To reduce the cost of purchasing tea or coffee in the airport, pack a reusable thermal cup. The ones sold at Starbucks are a great option. Inside the cup, place a Ziploc bag with your favorite tea bags or instant coffee. Instead of spending $3-5 on a warm beverage, you can just ask for hot water and make your own. Not only will this save some money, but it will also give you some of the comforts of home. 🙂


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