7 Futuristic Gadgets available now* #8

Incredible!!! Those gadgets are just brilliant. Let us know in the comments below, which one is your pick?
7 Futuristic Gadgets available now #8

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Credits and links to products/projects-
0:07 OMO+ -http://www.raptorcreative.com/
2:00 Pugz-http://www.pugz.com/
3:54 Smart Halo -http://www.smarthalo.bike/
6:59 Sensel Morph -http://sensel.com/
9:19 Butterfleye -http://www.getbutterfleye.com/
11:01 Thin Ice -http://thiniceweightloss.com/
14:26 Romovu s1 -http://www.removu.com/
Audio credits:
Music used- One More by Silent Partner.
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Comment (34)

  1. A stream of ads server as a regular video interspersed with some more ads. You brought whoring to the whole new level.

  2. Pugz MIB shit gone viral omo plus is garbage smart halo calling you out 2 PAC calls u know there gangsta butterfly can be used for rec when I have girls on my couch and thin ice to help me keep pumping a few extra pumps

  3. 1 – whyyyyyy? It's useless.
    2 – wireless has wires… ok…
    3 – GPS for bicycles… who would ever thought of that…
    4 – old news
    5 – still just a security camera
    6 – wear some winter boots, it will do the same
    7 – it's a camera

  4. ThinIce – instead of simply sweating in your shoes, we've developed a shoe which makes your whole body sweat.

    Also, anyone mind telling me how a computer chip can transfer heat away from your feet? Why not sell the patent to Maytag for a hundred million dollars? I'm sure they'd be pretty happy finding a way to refrigerate food simply using electricity without having to go through all that toxic gas compression, pumping, condensation and evaporation.


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