7 guitar gadgets you may not know about.

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  1. Tip of the hat, Trippy Vid For years I have used the Widgies pick holders,also the Tools in tip 5 , I highly recommend Ive used them both to this day,,,what I really like most about the tools (Both) is that ,if you play out you know the less things you have to bring in ,the better , the all in 1 features of both tools makes my 911 bag (is what I call it ) simplified also if someone need to change a string or make a adjustment to a guitar in the dark stage right, they don't have to go fishing for the right tool , yes it Rarely happens (Kinda a Blue moon thing) BUT if you play out Murphy's Law will show its head

  2. What is that clip on thingy , get clipped on to headstock. I believe it's metal. What are they for? Do they help with sustain, tunning? Hope you can figure out what I'm talking about. Thanks bro.

  3. Thanks Phillip, the ear filters are indeed good news.
    Sadly the pick-holder link is now a not-available product, but one can pretty easily carve a good-quality eraser to do the job!

  4. Ear filters are very important and should be used always!!! BUT!! sorry they do change the sound and it does take away some of the live experience and it does take a lot of getting used to, its your choice , great loud clear sound or like me dont bother and get tinnitus for life!! which can end your playing.

  5. That Stage Ninja thing. A spool of wire may not be a great idea, given that this isn't a balanced signal. A spool with current going through it creates a magnetic field, that then creates impedance on the current. It basically turns into a filter. Now, if that would be at all measurable at 25', I have no idea, but it just sounds like something I'd never use, just given the physics involved.


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