7 Ipad Gadgets You Should Have

top 7 best iPad accessories you can buy in 2016

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►7. Structure:http://structure.io/
►5. Brydge:http://www.brydgekeyboards.com/
►4. Lunatik:https://www.lunatik.com/
►3. Unicone:http://www.ibrotech.com/
►2. Everdock:http://fuzdesigns.com/pages/everdock
►1. Magbak:http://www.1lss.com/
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Comment (22)

  1. I brought the brydge and what I get for my troubles loss of money and it bent the iPad now I have a blue dot on my screen and it's got a curve ???

  2. All of the problems addressed by these gadgets have now been integrated into the new iPad Pro and IOS 11. They no longer serve purpose.

  3. The Unicone presentation needs serious attention. The presenter is impossible to understand. What's the point of the food on the table. Why do we need to watch the milk being consumed. It looks like an ad for the dairy industry. Very strange and terribly done. It looks like it might be a decent product but even after watching the video, I have no clue what it does. Please redo it. I want to know what Unicone is. It amazes me that someone can put so much into developing something and present it by someone who is impossible to understand in the language. I did not mean to hurt feelings. But seriously imagine listening to it in Chinese by someone who could hardly speak Chinese.

  4. The ever dock would be OK if it charged an iPad pro by the smart connector. As it is, I don't think it has enough of an edge over others unless the price is very competitive. It doesn't do enough to merit a very high price point. You can't see how good it looks from the video, besides, it is not very visible when an iPad is on it. Good luck.

  5. Did this video just have a 1 hr and 15 min add? I didn't realize it was an add i till about 1.5 minutes into it i realized what the hell when is the add gonna be over?


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