8 Most Useful Gadgets on Amazon Under $15

Today’s feature presentation includes 8 brilliantly useful gadgets that are available on Amazon. These innovative little inventions are also reasonably affordable; under $15 a pop. Saddle up, and don’t forget your keys!
0:09 – Globe Electric Swivel –
1:41 – TubShroom – http://amzn.to/2mNPikx
3:05 – Joseph Joseph C-Pump – http://amzn.to/2oee8qV
3:33 – Garbage Can Fly Trap – http://amzn.to/2oelPgF
5:05 – Simplehuman Bag Dispenser – http://amzn.to/2nsmj2N
5:43 – Remodeez Deodorizer – http://amzn.to/2neNCfi
7:15 – Kinsa Smart Thermometer – http://amzn.to/2oeiU7F
8:34 – Sugru Moldable Glue – http://amzn.to/2nJL0ts
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The useful household gadgets featured in this video include: A magnificently designed space-saving swivel surge protector, a revolutionary bathtub drain catcher, and a futuristically designed and equally innovative one-handed soap dispenser. Also included: A ground breaking new gadgets in the fly catching industry, an incredibly useful grocery bag dispenser, an essential home and travel natural deodorizer, an exciting smart thermometer that gives fast and detailed results, and lastly the world famous moldable glue that can literally be used for any household repair… and so much more.
* Prices featured in the video are reflective of the date published
* Amazon links are affiliate links

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Comment (50)

  1. Who dafuk is annoyed by a fly outside of their houses? Like seriosly? Isn't that disturbing the insect's life for no reason xD?

  2. You throw away food because a fly landed on it, yet Stephen Colbert uses his mouth as a cock holster….

  3. why would they not have done a built in night lite in the space plug.. I was waiting to see them turn it on.. lol

  4. why would you want to catch flies outside and who's going to pay $20 for a piece of metal the size of a key I don't know if I pay $3 for one of those things you know it cost $0.20 to make

  5. LOL imagine putting like 10 of those ones that are first on the vid it would look pretty hilarious

  6. these are my own opinions so don't hate if you disagree

    i need that second one

    third is waste of money probably

    fourth is just kinda useless for me at least

    fifth might be useful i did not really get what it does

    sixth might be useful if it really is accurate

    seventh looks pretty good but how easily does it come off and is it waterproof?

  7. Yep, keep slaving away at that job you hate to buy more of this useless crap you don't need, you mindless worker/consumer drones.
    Keep trying to fill that gaping void in your souls with excessive consumerism.
    Distract yourself from your trivial/petty/meaningless existence with more frivolous purchases.
    Our oceans / landfills aren't going to fill themselves up with plastic — do your parts you f******g idiots.

  8. at 7:36 the thing plugs into prior technology A HEADPHONE JACK are they aware apple phones dont have jacks now so its not so convenient

  9. That tubshroom was amusingly self aware. "Here's the psrt where we knock the competition in black and white!" "Five yummy colors!" I might get one purely to support whoever made that ad

  10. Who the hell needs a plastic bag dispenser. The reason people keep them in a drawer because its free and out of sight. I wouldn't want that to be a conversation starter when guests come over. lol

  11. A commercial made with iMovie, you professional,

    I'm probably going to end up buying that.

  12. "today more people are living more healthyer active life style"…. are u kidding me? where have u lived in the past 15 years bro?

  13. Kinsa smart thermometer, Let me tell you about my own invention it's called a regular thermometer and a note pad ?

  14. What does it say about my life that the only appealing ones were the fly catcher and the deodorizer? (It says I live in Texas, where bugs and mildew are everywhere.)


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