Alton Brown reviews Amazon’s dumbest kitchen gadgets

Celebrity chef and Thyme Lord Alton Brown is no fan of “unitaskers” — kitchen gadgets with only one purpose. But maybe these Amazon offerings aren’t so bad.


★ Strawberry Slicer:
★ Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan:
★ Meat Shredding Claws:
★ The Veggetti:
★ Breakfast Sandwich Maker:
★ The Rollie Egg Cooker:


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Written by Alton Brown and Allison Keves
Developed by Monica Riese, Evan Weiss, Jessica Wakeman and Allison Keves
Filmed by Diana Ecker
Produced by Allison Keves
Edited and directed by Matt Silverman
Executive producer: Josh Rubin


“Do Do Do” by Silent Partner

Let’s Do It by Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

“Girl from Ipanema,” recording by Planner Music Event:


Cooking With Jack Show:

Stephanie Manley:

Chop Busters:


Source: Chicagojunkhauler:

Cave Tools:

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Comment (44)

  1. I'm still using some of my great grandmother's era stuff. Couldn't find decent modern stuff and hit the antique stores. I have a peeler that was hers, it's still going strong. Just have to check for lead in the old stuff.

  2. my sisters husband bought a pair of the claws, i actually use em to shread chicken for chicken burritos or beef for pulled pork sandwiches, its better than doing it by hand and using a fork is less effective though it does take a little effort to use i'd give it 3/5 stars

  3. OMFG! I bought a Rollie because it was $9.00 and I wanted to see if it made the eggs taste different. I STILL have yet to use it- 2 years later… But that brownie pan though ! LMAO1 I have one of those too. Wow, It NEVER occurred to me to use a muffin pan… LMAO! Oh damn. And I bet Brownies cooked in muffin and mini muffin tins topped with a peanut butter and white chocolate ganache would be good too… Maybe a dark chocolate ganache while I am at it… Better yet- Carob chip and vanilla ganache…

  4. I've seen one of those breakfast sandwich maker things. it was being used by my friend who was living in a hotel for a month. which I guess is nice if you travel for work while on a budget. still a super specific use. also try not to burnt he shit out of your fingers

  5. I've noticed that as Alton progressed from hosting 'Good Eats' and providing commentary on 'Iron Chef America' to being a guest mentor on 'Next Food Network Star' and hosting 'Cutthroat Kitchen,' he has gone from being clever and witty in a nice way to just being down right dickish.

  6. I got the meat claws. Sometimes family fights need something more aggressive than shaking a fist, but pulling a knife is a bit too serious.

  7. Less humor, more detailed insulting of the products. Many of them I'm like ya I want to hear about how bad this is, but then you just make some flat joke and toss it behind you.

  8. I swear that Alton brown is one of the most entertaining chefs that I have ever watched. Whenever I wasn't watching cartoons, I would always hope that either Duff Goldman, Mark summers, or Alton Brown had one of their shows on the air. Good eats is still one of my faves, but Cuthroat Kitchen is also up there now.

  9. LOL my parents got me that egg sandwich maker as a gift, and I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought it was the dumbest shit ever. Come to think of it, maybe one of them wrote that review.

  10. Well done reviews. I was wondering why this showed up in my queue until I saw the Rollie, or as we refer to the mechanization of egg logs as "THE EGG SHAFT." We didn't do a review, instead, we rebranded the machine into a new commercial designed to bring Rlloie into its much-wanted niche. It's a strange magic what eating log shaped eggs can do.


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