Americans Taste Exotic Asian Food

When your food fights back!

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chicken feet

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Comment (45)

  1. Dearest Boldly, who's the girl next to Eugene? would you please not include her? she is so annoying. She is trying hard to have a funny reaction but she's so annoying as f*ck.

    Again, she tries so hard to be funny but she's not.

  2. Chicken feet is yummy! It is also in Honduran cuisine. Eugene you should to a video about Honduran (Honduras) food. Weird foods from there. Or weird food combos from there.

  3. "Best served with beer"
    Yeah, because you have to drink something that will inhibit your senses to get through eating that ?
    I like odd food but I dunno how I feel about it ?

  4. So much hate for the Asian girl in the comment section. I don't get it. Yeah, she freaks out more than the others but I think it's funny how animated she is. We're watching a video, not out having dinner with her…

  5. Kudos to these guys and gals for mostly trying it out. (yeah, purpose of the video, but still)
    I know i could not try to eat balut. Make a sausage out of it, spice it up, then i'd be fine. 😛

  6. Interesting because I love chicken feet and durian. The other ones not so much, maybe I could handle it if I ate it with my eyes closed and judged on just the taste.


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