Animation Neocon OFS – Re: – Shapechanger

OFS Re is a highly modular office furniture system. It’s a kind of friendly transformer that adapts to your needs and style as they suit you and your taste.

We decided to take the Transformers-idea quite literal for this short animation, which was shown on Neocon 2014.

Due to a supertight schedule – about 1 week – we had a lot of liberty how to approach this. “Do something nice and show the various configurations in a stylish way.” was pretty much the brief we got.

To get the transfomer-effect right, we scrutinized some slow motion recordings of the feature films and analyzed how to translate the effect onto a design object like a table. While the transformation process obviously was exciting, we always reminded ourselves of the friendly character of this piece of furniture.

That’s why we went for one continous turntable shot to bring back some continuity. Additionally the camera mimics the impression of watching a good magic trick: no hidden strings, no “behind the scenes” – you always see what’s going on – and still the magic happens :).

Hope you like!


Katrin Binz: Concept, 3d
Daniel Blöcher: 3d, Animation, Postproduction
Julia Korotaev: 3d
Bettina Ludwig: Production, Art-Direction
Peter Stulz: CD

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