Apple CEO Cook Faces Tough Questions From Judge in Anti-Trust Trial

Apple CEO Tim Cook described the company’s control over its mobile app store as the best way to serve and protect iPhone users but faced tough questions about competition from a judge while testifying Friday. Brian Hackney reports. (5-21-21)

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  1. Well, Apple, then charge your developer a fee to check their apps!! What? Checking their apps for security cost $100millions for a single app???!! And30% of anything they make after the check and put onto your store? While the other app which doesn't make much money cost $10000?

  2. Tim Cook gets to act like a perfect little corporate angel, but in reality, Apple uses slave labor in China to maximize profit. Tim gets a pass because he’s gay and if you didn’t get the memo, ALL gay people levitate above all of us on a cloud of superior virtue.


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