As Seen On TV Bathroom Gadgets Put To The Test

Today, we test several As Seen On TV cleaning products in the bathroom and offer not only an honest review but DIY alternatives, too. Latest Video Here:

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As Seen On TV Products Tested and Recreated at Home

Stuff We Tested:
Scrub Daddy:
Scrub Mommy:
Turbo Scrub:
The Hard Water Wand:
Cheaper alternative (Pumie):
LAs Totally Awesome:

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  1. Regarding LA's Totally Awesome cleaner: the video says it "contains no harmful chemicals," but the bottle doesn't have an ingredient list, and the Environmental Working Group awarded LA's Totally Awesome All Purpose Concentrated Cleaner Degreaser Spot Remover an "F" rating in part because the product's ingredient discloser was regarded as "poor." In addition, the EWG lists information on animal testing or any green certification of this product.


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