Beaming Baudrillard: A Foray into the World of Furniture and Other Things (Installation Documentation)

This video provides installation documentation for Beaming Baudrillard: A Foray into the World of Furniture and Other Things.

Beaming Baudrillard is a multi-channel video installation with sculptures made from laser-cut hinged wood and paper, imitation wood flooring, and seven animations with sound. Beaming Baudrillard began in response to two texts: The System of Objects (1968) by cultural theorist Jean Baudrillard and The Catalog of Roycroft Furniture and Other Things (1906) both which have been translated in multiple ways using digital technologies. The installation addresses themes of reproduction, translation, and transmission as images from an early 20th century furniture catalog are reproduced both virtually and physically, allowing for various modes of function and interactivity. The animations depict several constructed worlds populated with images from the Roycroft Furniture Catalog as explored by a mysterious figure in a red jump suit.The soundtrack is composed of Baudrillard’s System of Objects translated into Morse Code.

Installed in a 12ft x 12ft room.

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