Best Kisses and Love Scenes from TV Shows and Movies

Not in Order, these are some of my favorite kisses and love scenes from different movies and TV shows:
Alex Band – Tonight
Parachute – Forever and Always
Jamestown Story – I Don’t Wanna Lose You

Characters and TV Shows:
Caroline and Tyler – The Vampire Diaries
Hannah and Jacob – Crazy Stupid Love
Elena and Damon – The Vampire Diaries
Spencer and Toby – Pretty Little Liars
Aria and Ezra – Pretty Little Liars
Cassie and Adam – The Secret Circle
Hanna and Caleb – Pretty Little Liars
Faye and Lee – The Secret Circle
Grey and Fritz – Catch and Release
Elena and Stefan – The Vampire Diaries
Aria and Jason – Pretty Little Liars
Juliet and Nick – Grimm
Erica and Derek – Teenwolf
Alison and Scott – Teenwolf
Valerie and Peter – Red Riding Hood
Allie and Noah – The Notebook
April and Will – Definitely Maybe
Margret and Andrew – The Proposal


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