Best Smart Home Gadgets with Artificial Intelligence

It seems Artificial Intelligence is becoming our new family member ?

Robotic Kitchen
Google Home
Withings Body Cardio
Nest Thermostat
Samsung AF9000K
Dyson 360 Eye
Amazon Echo Dot
Nest Protect
Wink Hub 2

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  1. The day that robot will put poison in your will understand why your life is important

  2. Utter horse shit. Robot cooking made me laugh so much I nearly cried. How does it get all the ingredients, pots and pans, and how would it know what shit it is mixing up if it can't taste it. Here's another thing, who the hell in their right mind would have one of googles spies in their house, let alone in their bedroom permanently turned on recording everything it sees and hears just because some plum can't be bothered to turn the light on or send a text themselves, insidious, very insidious.
    On the surface of it, the nest thermostat doesn't seem too bad an idea, that is as long as once more you don't mind being tracked, as it uses your phones location through wi-fi, cell data, and GPS, still I suppose some will think that is a small price to pay for not having to turn a knob or programme a thermostat one time.
    Amazon Echo dot…….well what can I say.
    Skybell…A good product idea…well it should be good for $240.


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