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CG: Fernando Gasperin
Editing | Post Production: Fernando Gasperin
Interior Design: Deisi Bernardi

As team, we’re always challenge ourselves to push our limits forward.
Reflection project has been a very constructive project as source of learning and experiments.

From the beginning, we knew that we would like to develop the entire collection, from project to animation.

We didn’t put any kind of barriers at the creation process, but we have something on mind, to be as good as possible from the beginning.

After collected several references, that should guide us on the production stage, we determined that we’re going to project two main areas: Living and Kitchen room.

With Deisi Bernardi, leading the interior design project, my role was to determine the aesthetic and technical solutions for the project we were trying to accomplish.

I choose working mainly with a natural lighting scheme and a natural color pallet.

For the photographic direction, I’ve been decided working mainly with portrait formats (saving two exceptions), this way I could choose carefully the lens I’ll be using to better captive the viewer’s attention.

At the animation, I tried to explore the fine details of the project in a cinematic narrative, the entire video should be published soon, meanwhile you can see the teaser from the project.

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