‘Boogie Superstar’ Animation work by Lloyd J Colaco

Here are some of the animations I did for EA’s ‘Boogie Superstar’

A little info on the game…
Boogie Superstar – by Electronic Arts Montreal, is a fun dance game designed exclusively for the Wii and targeted towards tween girls. It also features Karaoke in the gameplay, letting players sing.
The game involves players waggling the Wii Remote to simple two-beat prompts, such as swinging the Remote side-to side or up and down in time to on screen directions

I would like to mention that I have ONLY done the Animation. The rigs, models, concepts, characters were done by the ‘Boogie’ team at EA Montréal…and I’m thankful to be part of such a talented group… Kudos to Luis Alonso for setting up some cool ‘animation friendly’ rigs!

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