Brian A. Hubel – Interview

This is the video for which The Furniture Maker was the preview.

This video is built around the interview we did with Brian Hubel, crafter of beautiful and original furniture. Here, you will find out about how Brian started, the strategy on which he built his business, and his philosophies that he applies to every piece of furniture builds. To the Hubels, I cannot express my gratitude for the time you generously donated to this project. I hope you get the same satisfaction from the video that I do.

In filming this, I learned far more about the fascinating process of building furniture than I ever thought I would know, and I hope I impart a good deal of that experience here. You will find that Brian is very detail oriented, always striving for perfection as he works the finest details with his hand tools. And this obsession with perfection generated the most beautiful and long-lasting furniture.

My most humble thanks go out to Spencer Polwort with Hurting Man Studios for the music used in this video, and for fine tuning the overall sound of the video.

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