Brilliant Clues Hidden In The Background Of TV Shows

**SPOILER ALERT!! Hidden Details You Probably Missed In Your Favorite TV shows, from Buffy to Breaking Bad & Game Of Thrones!
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Finding success with an original TV show is never easy, which means writers and creators are usually more concerned with earning another season than planning years in advance. But sometimes, the minds behind our favourite TV shows have a grand plan in mind – and drop plenty of clues to help viewers connect the dots to see what’s coming. Whether it’s a punchline that takes years to arrive, or a clue to solve the mystery, the following video contains plenty of spoilers – you have been warned. Here are ScreenRant’s Brilliant Clues Hidden In The Background Of TV Shows. Oh, and be warned, there are major spoilers in this video!

Voice Over by: Rob Flis @Rob_Flis

True Detective | 0:39
Arrested Development | 1:10
Futurama | 1:47
Firefly | 2:27
Breaking Bad | 3:07
Game Of Thrones | 3:54
American Horror Story | 4:43
Buffy The Vampire Slayer | 5:25

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