3 Hours of Classic Game Room plus Bonus Commentary Video!

Take a trip through an eclectic array
of CGR reviews that cover a wide variety
of video games and hardware.

CGR Supreme Collection 1 includes
reviews of:

Truxton Arcade Machine
Robocop Pinball
Rolling Thunder 2 – Sega Genesis
Space Cavern – Atari 2600
Assetto Corsa – PS4
Chuck Norris Superkicks – Atari 2600
Gunlord – Sega Dreamcast
Phalanx – SNES
Virtua Fighter – Sega 32X
Alex Kidd in Shinobi World – Master System
Game Boy Camera
Make My Video Marky Mark
and the Funky Bunch – Sega CD
Firepower 2000 – SNES
Solar Fox – Atari 2600
Sleeping Dogs – PS4
Sin and Punishment – N64
Mouse Trap – Atari 2600
Vanquish – Xbox 360
Bird Week – Famicom
Vandal Hearts – PlayStation
Silpheed – Sega CD
The R-Zone

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