Edited by: Nick Lopez

Shoe Rack:
Closet Organizer:

Electric screwdriver $10 –
It’s like a drill but cheaper, less powerful but more convenient
Blue plastic safe box opener – $7 –
It’s easy to use, durable and safe. No more scissors and box cutters!
Plastic 5 level shelf $57 –
Sturdy, cheap, has holes in the racks so wires can go through
USB plug for your socket $20 –
Useful for all your chargers around a table
Clothes steamer – $30 –
For clothes and even your face!
Non slip velvet clothing hangers – $18 for pack of 30, 24 for a pack of 50
These are great cuz they are non slip without
Around the House
otion LED light for closets $16 –
Good way to light up a closet without taking too much space or having string
Sticky white board – $19 –
Floating shelves – $20 –
Key rack – $13 –

Hydraulic tall pleather chairs – $42 each
Great to have around for filming or just talking
Leather Futon – $180
Gives you the expensive look without the price
Amazon or other places actually have cheaper stuff than IKEA
Office chairs – get the FLEX CHAIRS, the full-plastic ones are too hard.
Bean bag chair – $34
Easy to sit in, fun, cool, light
Designed trashcan
Easy to put bags in, the base doesn’t take up space
Basketball waste basket
Command Tape

Vinyl Posters
Anti-rip posters
Plug in LED strip
Fun things to have around and adds to lighting situation. We put these in the studio when we record
Bedroom space saver – $40
For those small bathrooms this is crucial. Should work with most toilets
Aquaphor lip repair – Pack of 3 for $15
Forget chapstick! This actually cures
Floss picks and Wisps – $11 pack 3 /
Double floss pick version, Optic White wisps
Round cylindrical tissue dispenser
So you can keep it in the car so your tissue box doesn’t get mashed and stepped on
Dad hat
Water boiler kettle – $75
This is good when you don’t need hot water all the time. Temperature adjusts
Water boiler tower/pump –
This is like when there’s Asian parents around. This is for the household. Cuts down the time it takes to boil water
Keurig Coffee Maker
Painted countertops instead of replacing
Ask your handyman, painter, anyone who might know a guy who can do countertops. It’s like a new thing
Paper towel holder
Super key. Paper towel racks always fall and break but these work well and are cheap
Magnetic knife rack – $8
As long as you don’t live with any crazy people, this is cool and useful
Makes you feel like a chef, it’s more sanitary
Novelty mugs and bottle openers and magnets
Something fun to have around. Adds to the conversation
Everytime you look at stuff,
Lightweight shoe rack – $26
For those with lots of shoes or lots of people. This is lightweight, easy to clean,
Rubaway metal ball – $7.50
It has to do with the properties of steel and sulfur molecules but either way it works! You know we do cooking videos sometimes so this is important

Bathroom saver above the toilet – $20
Microfiber hand towel in bathroom – $4
Absorbs quickly, dries quickly
Foaming soap – $3
It foams for you so you don’t have to spread dense gel-soap onto your hands and then use hella water to wash it off.
Industrial sanitizing paper dispenser
Toilet paper rack – $25
Easy to use and change toilet paper
Shaggy Microfiber rug – $14
Absorbs fast, feels good on feet
Toothbrush holder – $7
Great for places with multiple users
Water saver for toilet – $5
Saves water for toilet
Ozium air freshener – $4.50
Lysol Wipes – $12

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  1. Clickbait. No gadgets, just sponsers. Fungbros smart to put all their sponsers into 1 video to lessen the amiosity theyd get on the daily

  2. Thanks guys for this great video! Never expected to see so many awesome products in such a short amount of time. Life saver this one!

  3. Excellent video! I got some of the tech stuff featured here, and I agree that they excel in form and function. My favorite is the portable steamer – goodbye, clunky ironing board!

  4. I'm starting now to like the fung bros because they don't really have to work for it they don't film their own vids or edit Them either they have gone to Hollywood

  5. how come you have simalier names to the funk bros a even better you tube channel then yours fung bro-funk bros same thing man wow unoriginal

  6. For clothes slipping on slippery hangers… use a rubber band on the hangers for a little friction… won't cost much too…

  7. Where did you get those paintings in the back? and I agree with a mega makeover on a homeless person. Maybe a homeless dude who USED to be a sneakerhead ?


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