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Chicken Cheese Balls are a mouth watering delicious fun sized cheesy fried snack! Family favourite appetizers, for holidays, get-togethers, entertaining guests or anything really! These are always a great way to get your party going!

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1 cup cubed Chicken
1 cup grated Cheese (red & white)
1 cup Pasta
1 cup mashed potato (not completely mashed)
1 and half teaspoon cumin powder
1 tablespoon Jalapeno Sauce
1 teaspoon Black Pepper
Salt to taste
Handful or Corriander/Cilantro
Fresh Lemon Juice (half lemon)
Garlic cloves & Chillies, add to taste
Eggs & Breadcrumbs for dipping

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Comment (39)

  1. @anisa you can make these extra cheesy by adding mozzarella (like the ones that are in balls).ALSO I’ve made this recipe about 5 or 6 times got etc I’m 12 btw-TIP when you fry them in the oil it becomes kinda foamy ,so what I found out was,coat in these steps
    1coat it in egg
    2coat in corn flour
    3coat in egg again
    4now in breadcrumbs this makes sure the oil don’t get foamy /dirty etc love this recipe btw .id make them everyday but my family doesn’t let me cos I make the like all the time ??

  2. MashA sis. Looks awesum! Im thinking of making it today. I shall make my own fresh breadcrumbs. The only thing i wud luv u think we can oven bake them for a healtheir option? Since its ramadan trying to be healthy as possible!

  3. hi
    please do reply as i dont know where i went wrong.
    i made these yesterday. they came out perfect but they were soooo hot! please please please instead of showing the garlic and chillis you r about to grind, can you state how many u use so then i have an idea. i paused on that bit and counted and may have counted 1 too many. i used 1tbsp jalapeno sauce too but you seem to put in 2 spoons of that?
    also i used the small pasta shaped like shells. i couldnt get much in a cup. maybe thats why they were so chilly? your pasta looked alot more than mine. which did you use. sorry for all the questions.
    i am defo going to make them again as they were tasty minus the looks i was getting for the chillis ?

  4. hi new subbie love your recpies this is the 1st i have tried so far iv got them made i will be frying for iftaari time let you know how my kids liked them
    i just added some sweetcorn an q grated carrot to my mixture.
    i couldnt find jelpeno paste so i blended some that i had the jar ones lol?


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