Chinese Traditional Furniture 中国古典家具

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Furniture, from the Qing Dynasty period, was designed without the use of nails in its structural construction. Here, you will find answers to questions such as: How many parts are there in a Qing Dynasty furniture piece ? How diverse are the traditional Chinese design patterns involved in furniture making? How many steps are there in the design process? What visible differences can be perceived from using different materials? And, how did Qing Dynasty artists draw and design their furniture? There are five types of Qing Dynasty furniture. Some examples are: the horseshoe-back armchair, the recessed-leg altar table, the canopy bed, the shelf and the clothe rack. By tapping on the furniture piece, you’ll have access to information which details the piece’s history, size, function, tools and steps used in its making and other relevant information for a better understanding of the furniture piece.

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